Wayne Buckwa

Certified Freelance Proofreader

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What I Can Do For You!

Proofreading is the final step after all editing and writing are done. Errors can be introduced in the layout stage when missing or misspelled words, punctuation marks or even layout errors occur. This final pass helps make your writing coherent and avoid distractions and errors that detract from its accuracy and meaning.

  • Catching any errors in spelling
  • Ensure correct punctuation
  • Harmonize formatting
  • Find any confusing grammar

I can help you

I can help you polish your work in Canadian, American, and other styles per your preference. You can send me sample of your work and I can give you an estimate of the time and the cost to complete your project.

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I’m a full time proofreader and have worked with a variety of clients who are writing scientific, medical, university treatises, job applications, cover letters, and fiction writers. Most of my work has been with hospitals, universities, students and businesses in China for over 17 years. I’ve recently returned to Canada and am setting up shop here to help any English speakers around the world. I’ve been involved with Canadian, American, British, and Australian English writers.

I’m familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, the Canadian Press Stylebook, Associated Press Stylebook, and can proofread in United Kingdom and Australian styles at your request.