Proofreading Services


Proofreading Services

I can help you polish your work in Canadian, American, and other styles per your preference. You can send me sample of your work and I can give you an estimate of the time and the cost to complete your project.

Adapting writing to a country or locale typically involves issues

Send me 500 words of your copy and I’ll send you an estimate of my fee. Feel free to contact me via emailor phone to discuss styles and personal preferences such as non gender structures. I can advise you as to current English usage and trends.
I can also do some editing for you as well.

It helps if you tell me alittle about yourself and your project such as whether are you a student, researcher, business owner, etc.

Proofreading Process.

In addition to the information you provided for the estimate, I’ll also need:

  • The entire document to be proofread.

  • A schedule for deliveries time frame for delivery of the initial proofreading, when you expect to return.
    any revisons you’d like checked or changed, and the deadline for the final document.

  • Your contact information

I will proodread in Word using track changes, and will return.

  • One clean ready to print out copy of the document. This version will not all the changes incorporated in the document.

  • One copy with changes highlighted using track changes so you can view my changes and comments you can
    choose which to accept or reject.

Request an estimate form here

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Document format

MS WordPDFHard CopyOther


Rates and Payment Options

  • I will proofread your copy for $2.50 per page or $25.00 Canadian per hour. These are introductory rates and are

  • for professional work. I don’t do mediocre work.

  • At no extra fee I accept money orders, bank drafts, interact e-transfer, and personal checks.

  • PayPal and bank transfer fees to be paid by client.

  • Payments are negotiable and may involve incremental payments for larger projects.

  • You may also pay by credit card.


Documents are normally sent by email. You can request encryption or secure transfer.

My equipment is a PC Windows 10 with Viper security and I do not work while online for your security.


Is through WorkSafeBC

Formats I accept

  • MS Office
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Plaint Text (.txt)
  • WordPerfect
  • Paper hard Copy

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