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Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition
The Canadian Oxford, 2nd ed., spelling reference for projects in Canadian English.

Style Guides

The Canadian Stylebook, Eighteenth Edition: covers all aspects of Canadian life.
Chicago Manual of Style, Fifteenth Edition: is an easy to use comprehensive and thick guide to correct writing
The Associated Press Stylebook (2019): is the essential guide for writers of all professions including students.
The Oxford Style Manual (2003 ed.): focuses on British usage.
Proofreaders’ Marks: is an online short guide to the standard symbols used in proofreading edited paper copy.
The Canadian Style: is an online guide produced by the Bureau of Translation.
Subtleties of Scientific Style, Matthew Stevens. This is a great guide to the special considerations for editing science writing.

Guide and reference books

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, Eleventh Edition, Jane Strauss: an easy to understand rules of grammar and punctuation.
Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, Mignon Fogarty: is a great help to better writing.
The Best Punctuation Book Ever, Period, June Casagrande: is a comprehensive guide for every writer.


I have Known Wayne for many years. He has worked with me reviewing and proofing documents, specificatios and drawings. His work on my designs is indicative of efficiency and promptness that exceeds all expectations, and his friendly approach and communication skills make my work so much easier. Wayne is an excellent proofreader with outstanding attention to detail and accuracy. I would recommend Wayne to anybody who requires care and accuracy in their published work.

Al Luthmers Architectural Designer

Wayne more than satisfied my expectiations of a proodreading with his accuracy and speed. Successive proofs had to be turned around promptly and he did this with perfection. He is an effective communicator, friendly and professional. I recommend him to anyone.

SusanSlack Author Mountain Gaven Hermitage

i’ve owned and operated an English teaching school in beijing and Wayne was my principal teacher. Among his task was proofreading applications for students applying for studies overseas. He put in the extra effort that assured my student success. I highly recommend him to help with resumes, cover letters and publications.

Ms. Jian Nan Owner of So Easy Enlish Language Training School

Thanks to Wayne my medical research reports were published on time and submitted without further editing or proofreading. He not only met my schedule, but thanks to his scientific background and know-how, my documents were free of errors. he has a keen eye for the smallest of details and has the willingness to follow-up on fact checking. I recommend his work without reservation.

Dr. Dai Xiaowen Physiotherapist, Dian Li Hospital